Should anyone ask, taking breaks

I’ve usually relied on partners to prod my reticent self into taking a break with them. The freedom of working for your own company and choosing times usually results in my working until I burn-out, then taking a quick break that doesn’t really do much for recovery, and then jumping back on the horse.

2015-02-09 16.27.39//

I started this year in great form: a lovely trip to South Africa paddling down the Orange River through the Namibian desert with my cousin. It was a wonderful holiday. Work has been hard. Really hard. There was a work trip around Easter with a few days off, then a week’s stay-cation in Berlin. Not really a holiday. And too many other things going on to really relax. And so it is today: feeling close to being burned out and knowing that I must look after myself if I want to prevent full-burnout. It’s not a good situation to be in and I can only blame myself.

I love travelling. That feeling of taking off and leaving the day-to-day behind and the adventure of exploring a new place.

At the end of this year I’m meeting an old school friend in South Africa’s Hluleka Nature Reserve. It’s a wonderfully desolate part of the Wild Coast.


Until then, I need to plan a break but don’t see how to take it. And don’t see how to survive without taking it. 

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