Should anyone ask, today wasn’t perfect

Not a perfect run. 

Not all the way. 

Stopped some of the way. 

Walked and thought some of the way. 

One of the headphones didn’t work. 

It was perfectly imperfect. 

Yesterday I listened in on one of Wendy’s friend’s video workshops. It was about observing the ego and being aware of the need to distance ourselves from our feelings. Observing that you talk negatively to yourself as a means to improve the inner dialogue into something of a fanclub rather than the angry “you’re not perfect” coach. 

I’ve also started the Monash university mindfulness course. I really liked week 1. Less woo-woo, more science of how our brains deal with interrupts and the professional value of being in the moment. Excited to see where the next 6 weeks take us. 

And that was an almost perfectly late blog post. Goodnight.

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