Should anyone ask, imperfection isn’t easy

Life is really easy. Instead of nobody handing you a life-manual there are thousands being stuffed down your throat. From old-school Bible-types with rather dubious advice to newer self-help gurus and their amazon hit sellers. Then there are the manuals of manuals: I enjoyed Tom Butler Bowden’s distillation of all the great self-help books into 50 Self-Help Classics and his 50 Success Classics. The chapters were short enough to get the gist of the the book and 50 was enough to see trends popping up between all the books. It’s a good read. But ultimately I think we need to write and rewrite our own self-help books. Write oneself, because we are all different. Rewrite, because we change.

Yesterday I was at the Mauerpark Bearpit Karaoke session and a singer was singing John Legend’s All of Me. The song includes the lines

“Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections”

I liked that.

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