Should anyone ask, attachment to ideas

Ideologies suck! 

Ideologies rule!

What makes a good ideology? Is it because it’s something that I also believe in? Like open source? Or don’t kill your enemies? Or believe in $DEITY? Or staying true to an idea?

Or other beliefs: Staying with a partner in a challenging  relationship? Or working on something that isn’t working out in the hope of things turning around?

How long should we cling to an ideology before we let got and are freed to accept new beliefs? How long do we keep trying to make something work?

I’ve never been a huge fan of the MVP school of thought. My take on it is that it’s more of a “make something shitty and find a victim.” There’s no minimum viable iPhone or no minimum viable Pebble watch. Products need love and care to come to life. Throwing spaghetti against the wall will tell you if it’s cooked. It won’t tell you if it’s going to make a great meal.

So I’ve been working on different ideas pushing them along hoping that they will catch. I don’t have the answer. But I do know that ideologies can both support us (respect others), and be destructive (martyr yourself for a greater cause). 

But there’s also a time when we need to let go of some idea to make space for new ones. There’s good letting go and there’s throwing away. To me a good letting go is more a case of… “so we’ve come this far, now let’s build on what we have but in a different direction”. 

Today has been an interesting day of exploring something same-but-different. A pimp-your-ideology-into-something-better day. Time to jump back into the saddle and head off in a new direction.


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