Should anyone ask, I ran

I ran this morning. It was good.

Yesterday evening I chatted with a friend. She helped me put things into perspective. Perspective helps. There’s the Churchill quote (not exact) “when you walk through the valley of darkness, keep walking”. But knowing that you are in a valley with an ends helps. Moving forward always helps me.

I’ve been a big fan of Mixergy. Today I’m listening to Andrew Warner’s discussion about creating a mastermind group. And the power of turning over problems verbally as a way of getting stuff out of the countermind.

I tried creating a mastermind group when I lived in Munich. But after listening to this interview, good mastermind groups are made of up people who are at the same level. I’d like to create a new group. Some takeaways from the interview are:

  • meet every fortnight
  • meet for 90 minutes on a Hangout / in person doesn’t matter and commute time destroys productivity.
  • start with an inspiring quote.
  • then 10 minutes of general chit-chat.
  • jump into updates
  • two modes of feedback requesting: “gloves off” or “just feedback please”
  • set individual goals for the next meeting
  • A mastermind group needs a group leader to keep things on track.
  • The phrase “you are saying one thing, but your body language is saying something else” can help dig into things.

So I’d like to start a mastermind group with people working on SAAS products. Reach me on to see if you would be a good fit.


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