Should anyone ask, setting up OpenWRT on a D-Link DGS-1210-28 Switch

Who wouldn’t want more ports? So when I saw support for this switch entering mainstream OpenWRT, I had to have one.

These switches are pretty cheap on ebay and have the following spec:

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X4 core (MIPS 1004Kc V2.15)256MB256MB
D-Link DGS-1210-281 core (MIPS 4KEc V7.0)128MB32MB
so basically not the most beefy of devices but enough to run some switching software

Installing was pretty easy. Hardest part was finding a serial adapter.

  • Added a header and serial console using screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 8n1
  • Setup a TFTP server on another machine that you can pull from
  • press escape during boot
  • network with rtk network on command
  • setenv ipaddr (since this is the future openwrt default address too)
  • boot with tftpboot 0x8f000000 openwrt-rtl838x-generic-d-link_dgs-1210-28-initramfs-kernel.bin
  • boot the image with bootm and you are now running from memory.
  • the default vlan setup is kinda dumb – aparently plugging into port 2 works.
  • copy on a -sysupgrade.bin image onto the switch and run a sysupgrade command.

My custom config is at

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