Should anyone ask, my 2022 predictions.

Where will the world be going?


  • US bond sale slowdown 
  • European economic slowdown
  • China slowdown and crashing of zombie companies
  • General insecurity
  • China no slowdown / strengthening Yuan
  • High inflation
  • Bitcoin distinguishes more from “crypto” space
  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs in US market
  • Turkey defaults
  • El Salvador bond launches
  • at leat two more countries adopt Bitcoin as a national currency
  • More lightning transactions and bigger transactions
  • Lightning moves bitcoin from store of value to means of payment


  • More populist leaders being elected.
  • More “tax the rich” backlash from the likes of Elisabeth Warren
  • Less Corona + returning to normal
  • World learned nothing from the massive pandemic – instead polarisation of views. No ability to balance risks / returns based on evidence. 
  • UK government limps on
  • Biden continues lame-duck presidency
  • Trump was not elected as a Republican candidate. 
  • Saurez, DeSantis,  Abbott are likely to be republican candidates.  (Republicans win election after Democrats fail to shake off their woke wing of the party)
  • More countries will look at the El Salvador bonds.

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