Should anyone ask, internet at F17

I ordered internet in August. 10 weeks later, it was enabled. The problem came from Pyür needing to install a new cable. They finally did this. The hassle came from receiving bills for non-existent internet. Anyway. Long story. The good part is that the packets are flowing.

Now that the connection is in place, I wanted to do a recording of the build process using the Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP camera. So today I was there to install the camera and to get things wired up.

It works too!

The interesting part was getting the VPN between current-home (W16-gw) and future-home (f17-gw) running. Wireguard works amazingly well and I’ve published my Openwrt home network config in case you are interested.  The new apartment runs the f17gw.settings config and connects back to the edgerouterx.settings.

The next step is to look at how to record a stop-motion/frame-every-30-seconds video showing build progress.  I started playing around with nginx’s RTMP module which can do amazing things (reading through the mailing list it looks like this module powers the *cam sites around the world).  Half-finished bits in the system repo.

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