Planning the Main Room

Yesterday’s meeting with Cornelia turned into a 4 hour session working on the main room,  This one has proven tricky – it’s a large space but also comes with some limitations. The waste water outlet is on the terrace side which had meant that we were trying to locate the kitchen nearby.
It turns out that drainage slope (Abwasse Gefalle) is a function of the drainage pipe’s diameter. But either way you are looking at something between 1% and 2%. That means that across the main room we’re looking at needing to hide a pipe drop of about 10cm in the flooring. And navigate around the beams and underfloor heating. One way to avoid problems is using a pump.
However the real fun part yesterday was playing around with different approaches to the layout.
A quick reminder of how things look now.
notice the waste water pipe.






The idea is that the wooden panels slide out to make the fireplace part of the room more cosy.

This is also my favourite layout at the moment.






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