Today Cornelia and myself met the structural engineer (Statiker).  The aim of today’s session was to look at some of his existing work, from before I bought the rooftop, and work out what would need to be changed. He is mostly concerned with working out how the roof will stay on and the building not fall down.

Key points:

  • We should avoid steel roof spans longer than 7m. While it’s possible to go much longer, a much larger I-Beam size is needed.
  • Steel bends or will dip down under the weight of a roof. For a 7m span, the steel will dip about 2cm.
  • The fresh water pipe comes up underneath the balcony and is routed through to the kitchen and bathroom. Cornelia had concerns about it freezing. The statiker mentioned that there is enough convection in the pipe so that warmer water from further down in the house would circulate and mean that the chances of freezing (after being insulated) are low.
The next step is that the structural engineer will redo the plan in January so that it can be submitted for building approval at the bauamt.
The existing plan looks like this
Each of the vertical lines is steel reinforcement

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