Until now

Some background

So it begins...

I have been looking at apartments to buy. In an ideal world I would be able to build something that matches my requirements and style. One option in Berlin is a Baugemeinschaft (a group that comes together to renovate an entire building or a larger area). And I started looking with a group of friends. It’s rare that an entire building comes up in in the right neighbourhood with the right possibilities but I didn’t find anything. But the search did throw up something that was much too large for me, but looked interesting.

July 2017

Right now we’re in the stage of the Notar dealing with intricacies of the apartment sale and their lawyer explaining how things could and should be. It’s not very exciting stuff for me. And I just hope that the sale can go ahead.

19 Sep 2017

  • Signed the contract

Weekend 23-24 September

Drawing diagrams
  • Bedrooms on the street side
  • Moving them to firewall
  • Opening up the terrace
  • Moving shapes around in Omnigraffle
  • Doing a design brief

25 September 2017

  • Received the buying contract
  • Received notification from N26 that money had been received. Needed to ask why so much money randomly arrived in my account. Sorted.

26 September 2017

First meeting with Cornelia
  • Discussed plans
  • Discussed process of getting a permit
    • Energy approval
      • Winter
      • summer
    • Surveyor approval
    • Structural engineering approval
    • Everything submitted to the city for approval

2 Oct 2017:
  • Received two proposed plans back from Cornelia
  • Plan 1:
    • Better use of under-roof space
    • Concerns about looking out onto the balcony and wall
    • Square island
  • Plan 2
    • Love the openness
    • Orientate the window differently?
    • Washing machine?

4 Oct 2017:
  • Pay for apartment/airspace
  • Pay Notary


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