Should anyone ask, I’m working on some really cool technology right now.

As a kid of about 8 years I used to spend my afternoons during the long school holidays going to the local library. There I would sit down and read books (my favorite was the Usborne Book of the Future) on how life would be in the future. Usually this was amazing things that were promised to occur around the year 2000. I would pour over the pages of people living in space and will time to speed up so that I could begin living the wonderful promised life. And then 2000 happened and well not much. No space communities. No flying cars.

So instead of willing time to speed up, I’m taking a different tact. I’m working on building the future.

I’ve been so busy the last few months working on some really cool technology with a really cool team. I believe that what we are building will really change how we communicate with each other and be free of any single company controlling the technology (similar to how email works – you have a choice of providers).

Federated buddycloud channels are a way that anyone can run their own social network and all the social network nodes interconnect and pass information to eachother.The idea with buddycloud channels being federated is to keep the architecture and protocol as simple as possible by glueing together best-of-breed existing protocols into a recipe and developing client and server implementations that show off how this works.

The development team is growing, everyone donating time and effort to the project and it’s great to see the level of enthusiasm behind this. Thanks.

If you would like to play a role in building some disruptive technology, head over to the federated social networking development pages.

… and welcome to the future.

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