Should anyone ask, German should be Pukka.

Yesterday was a little odd.  I ran into two fellow Durban natives.  The first was perhaps the most surprising.  I was on a business call with someone who’s name I recognised.  But not sure if it was the same person that used to hang out in the school computer room hacking on his Amiga 500.  Then I noticed the South African accent and the date of graduation.  Indeed it was the right person.  Odd how after a good fifteen years, one still bumps into the same people. Hello Simon Davis.

[[post-media:DxEtIyDBfExdnqygiAyr]]Second Durban meetup was when I had drinks with Tyler and his girlfriend Lisa.  They run the Pukka German podcast.  Pukka German is a way to learn German with a twist.  It’s more about day to day idioms and phrases that are actually used.  Think “I am sick” verses “to feel rough as; to
feel hit by a ten tonne truck; to feel worse for
wear; to be under the weather”.

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