Should anyone ask, I’ve found a lute supplier.


I was cruising down the bike lane on my way back from the Mobile Advertising Conference and what should I pass but a lute shop. I though I was mistaken at first and slammed on the brakes. Yes, a lute shop. Not a musical instrument shop but a shop specifically supplying lutes. It started me wondering how large the market is for lutes is? I mean, it’s not like a lute wears out rapidly and needs replacing. And even if it did there can’t be more than 5 active players (strummers?) in all of Bavaria. I perhaps I’m mistaken and they do wear out rapidly. I don’t know since the lute is an instrument that competes with the flute as my most hated instrument and the least likely to learned by me.

Lute lovers, your lute-mart is located on Dachauerstr. Just don’t strum near me. Same goes for bagpipe players.

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