Should anyone ask, it’s time to turn on spool expiry

Ever wondered what 862M of spam smells like? As you can see from this output some users are not cleaning out their spam folders:

du -hs /mnt/vault/backups/*/user/*/x-spam
376K /mnt/vault/backups/
9.8M /mnt/vault/backups/
56K /mnt/vault/backups/
148K /mnt/vault/backups/
64K /mnt/vault/backups/
9.4M /mnt/vault/backups/
250M /mnt/vault/backups/
355M /mnt/vault/backups/
366M /mnt/vault/backups/
12M /mnt/vault/backups/
25M /mnt/vault/backups/
112K /mnt/vault/backups/
194M /mnt/vault/backups/
719M /mnt/vault/backups/
16K /mnt/vault/backups/
12M /mnt/vault/backups/
172M /mnt/vault/backups/
16K /mnt/vault/backups/
5.5M /mnt/vault/backups/
9.5M /mnt/vault/backups/
698M /mnt/vault/backups/
328M /mnt/vault/backups/
60K /mnt/vault/backups/
235M /mnt/vault/backups/
92K /mnt/vault/backups/
236K /mnt/vault/backups/
65M /mnt/vault/backups/
164K /mnt/vault/backups/
488K /mnt/vault/backups/
1.8M /mnt/vault/backups/
16K /mnt/vault/backups/
1.4M /mnt/vault/backups/
5.3M /mnt/vault/backups/
418M /mnt/vault/backups/
1.2G /mnt/vault/backups/
26M /mnt/vault/backups/
28K /mnt/vault/backups/
15M /mnt/vault/backups/
193M /mnt/vault/backups/
7.8M /mnt/vault/backups/
39M /mnt/vault/backups/
652M /mnt/vault/backups/
28K /mnt/vault/backups/
862M /mnt/vault/backups/
119M /mnt/vault/backups/
232K /mnt/vault/backups/

Thankfully Cyrus, the mailserver I use, has an option to expire messages older than a certain time. I’ll turn on expiry of spam messages older than 30 days.

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