Should anyone ask, I don’t have DCI Top Secret clearence.

I received a rather interesting job offer on one of my digital surveillance mailing lists: TSCM.

I am seeking to employ several short term contractors for a 21 day
project (21 days on the ground) in the middle east.

Need be able to speak, read, and write English, and be able to use a
Windows VISTA laptop, Powerpoint, Word, Excell, and related common
business software. Must also speak, and be able to read French
and read, write, and be fluent in conversational Arabic, and be well
trained in proper customs, courtesies, and procedures.

Must have a current DOD or DCI Top Secret, or have had one within the
part ten years. Must a a U.S. Citizen, zero criminal convictions, and
no pending cases. Must have current passport with at least six months
left on it, a currently set of worldwide immunizations, be in
healthily condition, and have prior experience in operating low low
key activities over a several week period.

We will provide a 7 days skills crash course brush up on language and
customs in the U.S., fly you to the destinations, then spend 21 days
in county, followed by 3 days back stateside before breaking the team
up. Payment will be 1/3 upon signing contract, 1/3 paid to your bank
account once you are half way though the project, and the balance
paid after the three day out brief back in the U.S. We cover all
expenses, air travel, private lodging, air evacuation (if needed),
and the use of a satellite phone for 90 minutes per day.

Please E-Mail privately if interested.


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