Should anyone ask, Kino Design will not be getting my business

Kino Design (quite why a graphic design company requires everything in flash I don’t know). On second thoughts perhaps they don’t deserve a hyperlink.Well I’ve never heard of them before and hope to never again.  Londoners are gearing up for for running the 2012 Olympics by (not building any new trains or stations) designing a hideous new logo.

You’d think that after spending £400 000 on branding they could at least come up with a logo that had the word “London” looking like it was just plonked in the middle AND spelt with a capital letter.What does it all mean, what is it? 

  • Someone on the BBC website speculates that it’s Vicky Pollard’s new tracksuit design.
  • Perhaps it represents the mental olympics in the form of a tangram puzzle.
  • There was a logo and someone dropped it on the way to lunch (complements of the Telegraph)
  • A Blue Peter paper cut exercise.

I think that Olympics minister,  Tessa Jowell, has it about right.  She is quoted as saying the new brand “sums up what London 2012 is all about – an inclusive, welcoming and diverse Games that involves the whole country."  Sure it sums up the olympics.  The disorganised mess  of random colours reflects the half-assed approach of the current government’s olympic planning.  And then footing Londoners with the bill and hassle.  Cheers Tessa.

Lets compare:Barcelona:

and the upcoming winter games in Vancouver:

Both of these say what they are for.  I haven’t a clue about he London one.  And now I have a headache from looking at that pink and yellow and must sleep.

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