Sould anyone ask, there’s nothing like directory enquiries.

My day started out with me calling to wish a friend happy birthday.  Except that it wasn’t and only takes place on Saturday.  Instead we ranted for 30 minutes about how bad the mobile phone carriers are, the problems of having to work with them and so on.  We even had a go at various directory enquiry services and how difficult it is to determine the costs of calling each one.  I shouldn’t have been so hasty in my criticism of them.After 8 years of loosing contact with a good friend, I spent some time googling her.  I’d lost her contact details but remembered which borough of London she lived in. It felt weird to be searching on someone after all this time. She does PR and her name was on a couple of press releases but no longer worked at the companies involved.  I could have tracked her down in 2 minutes had I realised that some people still list their phone numbers.

My heavily criticised directory enquiry site revealed her number and her address in no time, and I’m looking forward to having coffee with an old friend next time I am in London.Sometimes old school technology is best.

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