Should anyone ask, I was in Berlin, again.

Returning from Berlin. I have just spent the last 4 days in Berlin. 3 of those with my mother and the last walking around neighbourhoods to find something that I could possibly live in. During that time I have seen 2 great film.

Even though it was the Berlinale, these were ones from my “To be viewed” spool. Most recently I finished watching Luc Besson’s “Angel A”. Wow. I was in Paris last month and this brought back many memories. A large portion of the film takes place on the graceful bridges that span the Seine. The story is about a down and out scamster being put back on his feet by an angel. The fact that this Angel A aka Angela is at least a foot taller than him adds to his depression. The film is shot in black and white with some excellent lighting, particuarly where the main character addresses his deamons (those that that keep beating him up on the street, and to whom he owes much money).

It was Berlinale and I never made it. Although I did make up for the time by meeting Nataša who organises the Croatian equivalent and was here to snag as many films for the next showing in Zagreb. When not talking about films, we exchanged memories of our times on the island of Vis.

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