Should anyone ask, Voipdiscount outbound works nicely on an E61

Here’s my magic sauce to get it all working. By the end of this you should be seeing:

848.772012 -> SIP Request: ACK;user=phone

on the wire. That’s cool because:

  • it means you are spending 0c/minute to call most of the world
  • you are using your existing mobile phone (well, only if you are cool enough to have an E61 😉 )
  • you are using your existing address book
  • and not some shitty headset

So here’s how.

  • Setup an account on voipdiscount and add the requisite credit (I think it’s about 10 Euro at this time).
  • Setup and access point in your phone and using the webbrowser confirm that you can can connect to the interweb ™. If this doesn’t work do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars and go to Jail until you can get it working.
  • In your phone: Applications-> Tools -> settings -> Connection -> Sip Settings (not Internet tel settings):

    Profile name: Voipdiscount
    Service Profile: IETF
    Default Access point: (the access point you tested as working earlier)
    Public user name: sip:(your voipdiscount username) (remember to include the “sip:”)
    Use compression: No
    Registration: Always On
    Use security: No-Proxy server
    –Proxy server address: (again include the “sip:”)
    –User name: (your voipdiscount username)
    –Password: (your voipdiscount password)
    –Allow loose routing: Yes
    –Transport Type: UDP

    -Registrar Server
    –Registrat server address:
    –User name: (your voipdiscount username)
    –Password: (your voipdiscount password)
    –Transport Type: UDP

  • Now go to: Applications-> Tools -> settings -> Connection -> Internet tel settings:
    add Voipdiscount as a working profile.
  • If you in wifi range your phone should register with the access point and subsequently with Voipdiscount.
  • You may want to change your “Default call type” to internet (set in Applications-> Tools -> settings -> Phone)

Have fun!

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