Should anyone ask, I wish I also had the JesusPhone.

OK, I promise this is the last Apple iPhone post for awhile but really this phone is getting way too much press. Perhaps they don’t have phones in the US that people are making such a fuss over it. Listen to this  Apple guy rave about the iPhone.  It’s like he has never seen  anything better than the Motorola StarTAC.

  • It syncs your contacts!  I wish I could do this.  I print out all my contacts and manually type them in. Multiple times per day.
  • You can read your email on it.  I guess you have to be on the interweb for that to work.  I wish my AOL mail account could get Internet email too.
  • Listen to music.  Better than carrying a boombox.
  • Has voicemail – imagine that!  No longer do you need to answer the phone.
  • Did I mention you can look at pictures on it?

Wow – I wish I had a phone that could do all this.  Oh wait, I do, it’s out now and I don’t have to push Apple FanBoysTM aside to look at it. And it does a whole lot more, is an open platform and can call via the internet.I do like apple kit, but I think that Steve has gone overboard with his publicity of the basic features. It’s starting to backfire for him.

Here’s the CBS video. Remember think Motorola StarTAC.

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