53 Roundabouts

I am now on the train back from Milton Keynes and returning home after my interview at Cranfield’s School of Management. I left home this morning with mixed feelings about my aims in doing and MBA there and now on my route back home have even more mixed feelings about committing to a year. I can normally tell what I want to do through my actions and the last couple of days have been almost sabotaging my preparations for an MBA. For example, part of the preparation was to preparae a discussion about cars and their impact on soceity. I only got this done at 10pm last night and was not very mentally alert. I did no preparation for the maths exam today and no interview preparation. I find it hard to do things that I am not intereseed in and this is symptomatic of my actions in getting ready for my trip to Cranfield.I have left today with a depressing sense of dread when I think about living in the neighborhood of Milton Keynes for a year. The place really is as dire as the media makes it out to be. A Bermuda triangle of suburbia. This is especially evident when I contrast Milton Keynes with the beauty of the last couple of months in Munich. There really is nothing endearing about the architecture and I find myself wondering how people can live in such a planned & soulless city.

But the architecure shouldn’t be a significant factor in deciding where to spend a year of my life improving msself. My thinking about doing an MBA is that I will use it to develop the redprompt business plan and spin off the business at the end of it. Perhaps this is me avoiding committment to taking the plunge and committing to setting up my next business venture? I have the money and time now to develop the Redprompt idea furthur. On the way back I stopped of at Bob Morgan’s house and he can’t see why I would want to do an MBA if I don’t wish to climb to the top of corporate managment.

I let them know my reservations about doing an MBA during the interview because I would rather be frank and avoid committing to something they also know is wrong for me. I am not sure what I will do at the moment except that for the last 8 months I have been keen to do an MBA but now, a month after stopping working for the EPO, I am less certian. I have really hated the preparation for the GMAT. I can only hope that an MBA would be better.

No matter how I feel about doing an MBA, I will find out on Thursday whether they want me or not. Perhaps it would not be such a bad thing if I am rejected.

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