Saturday shopping rules

Yesterday I finally got motivated and had the mental commitment to go out and shop for all the little outstanding things that have been building up on my list. I was out for about 5 hours and it was very successful. I was thinking about what made it so successful and came up with my Saturday shopping rules. I am not a big fan of shopping. Browsing is more my thing. The commitment to purchasing something that I may spend the next 20 years of my life with such as a new pot is difficult for me.

Here’s my list of commonsense shopping tips that I always forget. Perhaps I will remember some next time.

  1. Lists: No trip can begin without a list. Inevitably things are forgotten during the trip. Make one before setting out or on the train.
  2. Not Price: I am well paid but don’t value my own time as highly. When shopping I must be less price sensitive. The 1 hour shopping around to save perhaps 30 euro is not worth it. And besides, most of the time I will end up coming back to the original store and buying something more expesive based on it’s quality.
  3. Quality is important – pay the extra for it and it will last longer meaning fewer stressful shopping trips.
  4. Slow: Yesterday I took my time. It was crowded and 32 degrees with high humidity. No need to rush and besides the stores were airconditioned and comfortable.
  5. Breaks: Take them. That’s what all the coffee shops are for. There’s much to be said for a coffee refocusing the mind and some cake to provide sustainance.
  6. iPod: Instore music sucks. Take one and catch up on BBC podcasts.
  7. Cash not Credit Cards: I like knowing what I have spent. I hate getting to the end of the month and having items on a credit card bill that I havn’t a clue about. Actually I only keep a credit card for online shopping and prefer to always use cash. Also avoids any strange surprises at the end of the month.
  8. Mobile phone: no doubt people will want to meet up or you will need to call and ask advice about something you are about to buy. Saturday shopping seems punctuated by people phoning to see what is happening on Saturday night.
  9. Lifts not escalators: Women’s clothing departments always seem to be located on the ground floor and men somewhere near the attic of large stores. Trying to take the stairs or escalators takes forever and the lifts seem underutilised. Use them.
  10. Men – use them: This is more a tip for female readers. Men never have to wait for changing rooms or cashiers to serve them. I always see long lines in the womens departments. Women, feel free to use us.
  11. Toilets: There are always some near the foodhall.

Well that’s my list. Perhaps I will remember more next time.

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