Munich Street Life Festival

Given my proximity to the Munich Street Life festival on Leopoldstr I wandered over last night. Pleased that I did and I managed to get some nice pictures too. Here’s one looking onto a monument whose name I cannot recall. There was all kinds of exotic food on sale and I tried one of the burritos. It will take a lot for me to forget the “Roach Coach” burritos that I feasted on in San Francisco. They were so big that I once had to crall under my desk as Linuxcare and take an afternoon nap to work it off.

This morning I wandered over for a late breakfast and enjoyed some good vegetarian Auvedic food from a bowel made from what seemed to be a dried palm leaf.The Germans seem particulary keen on foreign cultures. They are the most travelled nation and love anything exotic at home, whether it’s husband married abroad or the number of Germans that suddenly became Brazillian supporters during the world cup.


Update:  Franz Buchberger writes in to tell me that the Monument is Siegestor

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