About Imaginator

Imaginator is the name of an old company that I setup in 1996. Imaginator designed websites and did some consulting. Most of all it was an warehouse space that a some Christ’s Hospital Old Blues would hang out in. We had a 500 kbps Internet connection which was quite something back then. Downstairs from us was Backspace, a cybercafe started by James Stephens. We also had Ninja Tune and Obsolete (now “lateral.net”) as neighbors.

Imaginator ran for about a year before it became too much work and overhead for me. Our lease was up and it seemed like a good time to “shut up shop”. We managed to host the imaginator.com domain, email and website on the building’s router, aka atlas.imaginator.com. This continued for about 6 months until a new sysadmin at Medium Rare logged onto the router and thought it had been hacked.  Fortunately we were able to get an archive of the disk and start elsewhere.

Elsewhere was zeus.imaginator.com which we hosted at Tecc. We were quite proud of Zeus. Zeus contained one of the worlds first 10 000 rpm disk drives. Zeus was retired mid 2001.

Zeus was recently replaced by Bunker. Hopefully bunker will keep running for many years. Bunker was designed for storage. It can hold 8 hard disks and RAID them accordingly.

Today imaginator.com is the umbrella for a couple of services, web, shell and email users. If you want to join just drop me a note.

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