Staying in Germany

I have decided to stay in Munich for at least another year. But for reasons other than displayed in this video. It contains some nice touches like the “Hoff” poster on his bedroom door. I thought that Dutchmen were the ones digging the holes on the beaches? Roll on Oktoberfest.

Disk upgrade

Yesterday evening I finished the big disk upgrade. As evidenced by my last post, I have been suffering through the death of some of IBMs old “Pixie Dust” disks. Both of them finally died and forced me into an earlier than planned disk upgrade. But this time I wanted to make sure that future upgrades …

Mountain BikingWent on my first trip of the season with Martin today. Took the train to Tegernsee and then went up and down some steep hills. Expecting much muscle pain in a couple of days.

Far too early

I was awoken with a hangover and what sounded like an alarm in the background. Strange I don’t have one that sounds like that. I was hungover from Reitschule but not that hungover as to forget what my alarm sounds like. Next I thought it was my laptop beeping. No, that was next to me …

Why I hate flying

Just listen to that accent. The dulcet tones of Stanstead Airport And people come to England to learn English. Honestly.

Why isn’t the UK working?9 years in power and the Labour government has done nothing for London. I used to love being in London and indeed believe that it is still one of the great cities of the world. But it’s creaking under the weight of an un-maintained and never-replaced infrastructure and a half-assed approach …