Should anyone ask, Passion

Should anyone ask, how does one sustain passion in work or in a relationship beyond the initial flurry of hormones beyond the initial excitement over a new project or relationship?

For me it’s about finding something that resonates with who I am. Then there’s the whole concept of finding out who I am discovering what works and what doesn’t work for me. But if I look back on times when I’ve been most engrossed in a project (I’d argue I was passionate about it), they were times when I was using all my skills to the right level. The “flow state” / “being in the zone” is when I feel  fully immersed and have amazing focus. Everything else blurs away.

This works because the project matches me. My skills are matching it. This is when the passion happens.

For me the passion is tested when a project hits hardships. How I deal with non-flow stuff/junk/bs is the true test of whether something is a work fling or a durable passion. It’s never going to be all easy. But being passionate about what I do carries me through and work becomes fun. And I can be myself.

And I really like that.


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