Should anyone ask, the "thunder box" has been upgraded.

Dear Cats, Fear ye not the rushing of air as thou relieviest oneself. Allow me to introduce your new and vastly improved ventilation system for the thunderbox.

In the summer I usually keep the cat toilet on my terrace and leave the door open. With Autumn approaching leaving a door open is not going to be easy. Then the cat toilet migrates to the bathroom where it usually smells no matter how often I empty it. The bathroom in my apartment has an extractor fan that runs continuously to create a slight negative pressure. By using this, a hose and a coupling I have extended it the cats toilet thus:

It means a bit of a jump up but the jump is lower than the jump to get their food so if they can jump for the INPUT cycle, an OUTPUT jump shouldn’t be too bad.

An overall view.

Dear visitors, it’s now possible to visit again sans fumigation.

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