Should anyone ask, I am spending more time on the phone

I was just checking out my network’s traffic prioritization this morning and realised I spent most of yesterday on the phone. VOIP traffic is marked as red on the graph:

Most of these are also international calls from my mobile phone. My monthly phone bill comes in at around 30€. (rental, some SMSs, 100 minutes and 10€ for internet access).

I’ve setup my mobile to, by default, make all calls via VOIP. These calls then go out via the cheapest provider for each route. The simplest of which are my family calls. Extension 103 reaches my mother in Chelmsford, 106, my sister in Scotland and, 108 my brother in South Korea. Other calls are then sent either via a VoipCheap trunk or through a Truphone trunk that I have terminated on my VOIP server.

For inbound calls, I have the following numbers that will reach me, where ever I am:
US: +1 425 906 3145
UK: +44 20 7043 6756
Germany: +49 894 2095 5854

I went through a lot of teething pain at the start setting everything up but, after a year or so, things just work. At some point I’d like to add ENUM peering to the setup so that voip nodes stay voip nodes and voice traffic never touches the legacy PSTN.

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