Should anyone ask, so endeth the days of packet loss.

I’ve had some rather strange packet loss occurring on the DSL uplink circuit.  As you can see from the graph below, about 50% of packets were being lost.
Since loosing bits is clearly not very nice, I logged a call with my ISP.  But then I decided to just check out my own network first.  Around the 25th I upgraded my switch and thought to myself that perhaps this was the cause of my the problems.  I noticed the link status light flashing off about every 4 seconds and then re-appearing.  The PPPOE device hanging off the network (this is the last hop on imagilan) was having trouble negotiating a stable speed.  Logging back into the switch I forced this to 10Mbps Full Duplex and voila!  Back online reliably (green=good):

This extended outage made me realise just how much I use DSL, for data, email and phone. Pleased to be back online.

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