Should anyone ask, I made some singing-type noises

On the day that we hear of Pavarotti’s death, I can inform everyone that singing is hard work and difficult! I took my first singing class yesterday. This was something very much outside of my comfort-zone. I was late to the appointment which is usually my subconscious trying to tell me something. In the end I showed up and was struck with fear when I saw a piano and some sheet music.

I tried to avoid singing for as long as possible by talking to the teacher about everything under the sun but eventually she had me making noises. Lots of breathing type noises. Lots of trying to feel the different types of lip and throat vibrations. It was difficult. It should be pointed out that I’m a great singer - since junior school I’ve become an expert at mouthing songs and singing in my head. Actually hearing myself make noises was something very different to the perfect pitch that goes on in my head.

The torture continues next Friday.

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