Should anyone ask, I prefer my traffic to be "shaped"

I’m having much success with my traffic shaping rules. I prioritise my outbound traffic and graph it. Traffic is currently sorted into the following classes:

  • Leaf 10: VOIP

  • Leaf 20: ACKs, ICMP

  • Leaf 30: DNS, SSH (not scp)

  • Leaf 40: Streaming audio

  • Leaf 50: Web, SMTP, IMAP

  • Leaf 60: SCP

  • Leaf 70: Bulk, P2P, unclassified packets

This works out well:

Here the red line show’s an outbound voip call, an ongoing rsync via ssh (purple) and some random person accessing website in light green. The light blue shows a bittorrent download.

Each of these classes is subordinate to the other although each can only max out to 90% of the link before having to start sharing the link with subordinate classes.

Even if I had a T1/E1 entering my house, I’d still shape it. Shaping really enhances the responsiveness when using a congested link.

My shaping rules are downloadable and graphed. I also graph general traffic.

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