Should anyone ask, I will be at the Biennale again this year

Venice’s Biennale is a great event and well worth attending if you enjoy the visual arts. Like the name suggests it takes place every 2 years. Last time was great, and I can’t wait for this year’s show. So much so that I’ve applied for 3 preview tickets. Not sure whether we (Marta and my mother) will be selected, but we also can’t loose anything. The show takes place in 2 locations - the country pavilions and in the Arsenale district of Venice.

The Arsenal once housed the might of Italy’s navy which makes it easy to see why the country was never considered a serious naval force. It’s a quaint industrial area filled with decaying buildings and industrial machinery too heavy to be removed. These pictures give you an impression of the area.

I’ll be taking the night train from Munich which gets me there at 7 in the morning.

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